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Too many “buts” September 4, 2009

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When I started to write my first post I began by brainstorming what I could possibly want to write about. After the first brain-dump draft I re-read what I had come up with.

I was shocked to discover that after each idea I came up with like yoga or books I had a sentence starting with a phrase like “But I don’t know much about that” or “But would anyone really be interested in that”. I couldn’t believe I was so negative about myself and my ideas. I was closing down every possibility, and I didn’t even realise it. As I was writing the first draft, I actually thought I was being witty by being self-deprecating. Instead I was limiting myself and my ideas – on the first attempt of being creative!

This inner monologue, which has been with me for a number of years now, has probably shut down many good creative ideas and possibilities. They never got to see the light of day and realising this is not nice. At least I have realised it though. Which means I can change it.

So my inspiration is this – if you are anything like me your inner monologue will always find the negative in a situation or you will often think something is impossible. We need to identify this and stop it.

 Write down what it is you want and why you think you can’t have it or can’t do it. Tomorrow, with a fresh focus, read what you wrote down.  Look at how silly you’ve been with all your negative “buts”. And then, here’s the best bit, delete the “buts”. You will be left with a list of what you want and it will be right in front of you and it will be possible.

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